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ceramic tiles printed with the white toner process
Ceramic Tiles Printed with the White Toner Process


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Black Coffee Mug

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Aluminum Travel Mug

Imagine a digital process that can decorate almost anything in a quick and cost effective means. Automatic Transfer's WHITE TONER with their SUBLIMATION TONER can transfer onto light and dark colored substrates. We can transfer onto materials that sublimation by itself doesn’t pop due to its transparency. If you coat a mirror, silver metal, glass award, Acrylic clear award the sublimated design has a transparent look but when it is combined with the WHITE toner it looks like it was screened printed. The white opacity allows you to make mirrors similar to the Budweiser mirrors.

Dark leather, and Vinyl for jackets, bank books, wallets, organizers, note books, stadium cushions, chair backs, are just a few of the products you can now transfer onto in small or large volumes. Dark and light garments can now be sublimated onto such as cotton, spandex, 50/50, wicking materials, and canvas. When transferring onto these fabrics you should be aware of the different dyes that are used with these fabrics. Dispersed dyes will cause migration when heat pressed and therefore will affect the print if not prepared for this in advance. Dyes won’t migrate that are mostly used on cotton fabrics. The white toner is made up of ingredients that keep the sublimation dyes of the transfer from migrating into materials such as vinyl, leather, and polyester materials. The white toner also binds the toners to materials such as uncoated glass, metal, and ceramics. You can transfer onto dark wood without a coating on them with the white and sublimation toner. You can transfer onto dark colored acrylic with the white and sublimation toner for signs and plaques.

Decals applications and transparent labels is another market the white toner has been used for.

Equipment and toners required

The white toner is designed to work with the ATI sublimation toner for color applications on dark substrates. The ATI white toner will not work with a laser OEM toner.

The white and the sublimation toner are currently designed for the Oki 3200 and the 5200 models. We have clean drums and new printers for these models. The white and sublimation toner will run in the Oki model 7350 but we don’t have clean drums for them as yet.

The sublimation toner cost $675.00 per set of 4 cartridges. You will yield approximately 1300 letter size transfers from a set.

The white toner cost $960.00 per set of 4 cartridges. We don’t have a yield count but there is 1/3 more toner in each cartridge then the sublimation cartridges have.

You need CLEAN drums for the 5200 Oki and the white toner. Those drums are $400.00 for a set of 4.

The cost for a new Oki 3200 with sublimation toner is $975.00.

The cost for a new Oki 3200 with white toner and clean drums is $1660.00.

For those customers who currently own a model 5200 Oki you only need the clean drums and white toner. If you don’t have the ATI sublimation toner you need the new Oki and a set of sublimation toner. If you have the ATI sublimation toner you only require the 3200 printer.

The good news is it only cost you as a start up for 2 NEW 3200 printers with sublimation toner and white toner $2235.00 to do almost anything imaginable as described above.

We look forward to assisting you further and you may contact us on our toll free # @ 1-866-900-2830
AL La Costa/CEO, Pres.

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